Booktuber Habits Tag & VEDA

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Original tag video on Regular Reads

Booktuber Habits Tag
1. How often do you check Youtube a day?
2. What is your favourite type of book video to watch?
3. Is there any structure to the types of videos you try to film each month?
4. Do you have any social media related to your channel? If so, which one do you check most frequently?
5. Do you film, edit and upload your videos all at once? If not, how do you go about your “video making” process?
6. What is your favourite type of book video to film?
7. Do you like and comment on all the booktube videos you watch? Or are you a lurker?
8. Do you try to review books as soon as you’ve finished them (on Goodreads and Youtube) or do you wait a few days/weeks?
9. Ask any random question you want here! (This is for your subscribers to comment and for the people you’ve tagged to answer in their tag video)
10. Answer the random question from the video you were tagged in (or watched)

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