Mail Call!

Here are some goodies I have received in the mail recently from various wonderful penpals!

When the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club first started I met Kara, who is also a member of house GlaDos. We agreed to swap house themed goodies, I made her a house pride badge and she made me a custom cross stitch. It took a lot of hard work, I’m sure. I absolutely love it!

House Glados

But she didn’t stop there! She also sent a bunch of other goodies along with it, like this rad IGGPPC/Adventure Time fortune teller:

fortune teller 1fortune teller outsidefortune teller inside

She also knows how much I adore dinosaurs so she whipped me up a tiny origami Velociraptor. He is so ferocious, rawr!

Dino origami

This past week Kara also sent me this lovely post card from her trip to San Diego with her boyfriend.

san diego

Rebecca sent me this really pretty handmade card:

Happy New Year Card

And Ashley sent this amazing Doctor Who themed snowflake, which she made along with a bunch for the other vlogging iggles during her video. I love the fact that she made sure to send me 11’s sonic screwdriver. Matt Smith ❤

whovian snowflake

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2 comments on “Mail Call!
  1. Nerd Burger says:

    So much awesome. I love that you made house themed goodies. I love the IGGPPC. I ahve made so many new friends.

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