Audio books on Youtube?

This is too good to keep to myself. Somehow I managed to stumble across The Fault in Our Stars unabridged audio book on youtube and it seems to be approved by John Green since he had a blurb at the beginning. The narrator is amazing, both with her intonation and her voices for each character.

I may be the last person on Earth who hasn’t read it yet but I think it is brilliant. I recall recently on a “Books you hate” Reddit thread that someone scoffed the novel because the teenage protagonists are “too smart” and “too witty” thus becoming unbelievable. I believe that kind of thinking doesn’t give young people enough credit; too many of us are eager to assume the youth are apathetic, simple, and narcissistic. /rant

But seriously. This book is sharp and funny, I have laughed out loud more to the last two and a half hours of this book than anything I have read in the past year. Read it (or listen to it for free!) if you haven’t, it’s amazing.

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