Poppin’ Tags

Every week or so I like to go to thrifting with the goal of spending only $10. Here are some of my more recent gems.

Nerd Haul!


I found this fabulous Joker action figure for 99 cents at Savers; I haven’t counted the points of articulation but this is a really nice figure. Yay!

Cinderella Record

Bambi Record

I don’t own a record player yet but I couldn’t resist snatching these up for a dollar each at my favorite local Good Will in BelAir.

Fantastic Shoes

I wear these babies everywhere. Other than slight smudges around the edges, which I could probably remove if I wasn’t so lazy, these shoes were like new. And they are pink zebra print, hello! Three bucks, no regrets.


I love out of date technology and I am extremely nostalgic, which means I buy a lot of VHS tapes. Don’t judge me.


thermos 2

Did anyone else have these Cupcake dolls? They had silicone skirts that would flip up to make the cupcake wrapper and their hats looked like icing. I had this blue one, specifically. I saw this thermos and squealed with delight.

Strawberry Shortcake figures

These are two of the original Strawberry Shortcake mini figures from 1983 and they are so cute! These were in a pack of dolls along with the Little Orphan Annie doll below.


Sadly, she is missing her locket and the other dress, but this doll as is has been going on Ebay for $20. I got the whole bag of dolls for $6!

Strawberry Shortcake doll

This Lemon Meringue doll was also in the pack, I’m so happy she still has her bonnet!

Lunch Box

This was the most expensive of the finds; I got this Ewok lunch box (plus thermos) for $12 at a local thrift shop. I don’t care what you say! Ewoks are adorable!

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2 comments on “Poppin’ Tags
  1. Ok… mind explosion. TOOOOOooooooo much awesome. First of all I love cupcake dolls. I have 3 that I found and they still smell good. That thermos is rad. And that Ewok lunchbox and the Joker figure… omg… droooolllll!

    • abalce1 says:

      I remember being so heart broken the day I Iost my cupcake doll. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere! Some company has recently been making cheap knock offs of them- I think they are kind of ugly looking compared to the awesome ones of our childhood.

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