Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia

Wizard World Philly was the best convention I have ever been to. It was fantastic! I had grand plans of vlogging during the convention but I became shy and backed out. Here’s a clip of our journey to Philly.

There were so many great cosplays, I wish I could have photographed them all. Here are some of the highlights:

:Female Daryl 2


Walking Dead's Daryl Cosplay


This female Daryl was spot on. I love how she didn’t try to sexualize the character and played it to a T. She did such a fantastic job!

Walking Dead's Michonne and Andrea

Michonne and Andrea from the Walking Dead. I am so glad the girl dressed as Andrea added the scars!

Female Carl
A spot on Walking Dead Carl cosplay- I wonder how many times people came up to her asking, “Where’s Carl?” or telling her, ‘Get in the house, Carl!”


Aang from Avatar the Last Air Bender
I love Avatar the Last Air Bender!

This Dalek cosplay- yes, a person is in there, was amazing. It actually moved on it own with some type of motor and was extremely convincing. I don’t think there were any sound effects though, but it is an excellent example of craftsmanship.

Jason David Frank (The Green Power Ranger)
Jeff and I met the Green Power Ranger, Jason David Frank. He was the friendly guest at the con; he would hop out of his booth to hand kids stickers and had us cheering different phrases. He even popped his head through his booth’s wall to scare a person in line and then signed her stuff and hugged her so she wouldn’t have to wait. What a nice dude!

Fionna in the TARDIS

I saw the Tardis and just had to hop inside!

Zombie Child
As we waited for Michael Rooker, Jon Bernthal, and Norman Reedus to start their panel, this kid hopped up on stage, grabbed the mic, and said, “Zombies…are dead people…but they’re not dead…” It was hysterical.

Michael Rooker

Michael Rooker, Merle on the Walking Dead, was a funny guy who liked to joke around with the audience.

Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus is my baby, he played Daryl on the Walking Dead. He was so very sweet to every one of the people asking questions. Here he is shooting a youtube clip of us cheering for him.

Group shot
The cute little girl in the middle requested that the three of us take a photo with her. We were more than happy to do so.

Rorschach from the Watchmen!


Exhausted after the first day at the con.

Adventure Time Ladies
I saw this amazing group of ladies across the street and tracked them down for a photo. All of the Adventure Time ladies at once! Amazing!

Jeff and Aly
Jeff and me waiting in line to have our photo taken with Michale Rooker and Norman Reedus!


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2 comments on “Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia
  1. Looks like such a rad day. I can’t believe how many walking dead costume’s there were. That zombie kid’s line was hilarious.

    • abalce1 says:

      I loved seeing the girls cosplaying as guys from the WD. There was one girl who I didn’t get a photo of- she was dressed up as Carl…but with fishnets, high heel boots and a low cut shirt. It was a little creepy.

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