FCBD Photos By Others


Magnet designed by Kata Kane

I purchased this adorable Fionna magnet from writer/Artist Kata Kane at Free Comic Book Day and she asked to take my picture with the magnet. She is such a sweetheart! You can check out her webcomic at

Warrior Girls

Taking photos with kids was the best part of the day!

This adorable little girl walked up to me and took my sword out of its sheath before her older brother could ask for the photo. She is too freakin’ cute! I think she could beat the tar out of the Ice King any day.

In other news, I broke my camera while walking into Fairy Fest on Sunday. We were walking down the trail that leads to the fair grounds and I was shooting when I tripped over a tree root. Some debris has gotten lodged behind the lens shaft, preventing it from extending or retracting. I hope they can fix it, otherwise I will be purchasing the same camera, a Sony DSC-H9 before the convention in Philly.

This camera is over eight years old and works like I just took it out of the box. I love how crisp the images are and how nice the macro is. I’ve been spoiled by it and shooting with anything less makes my skin crawl. #FirstWorldProblems.

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2 comments on “FCBD Photos By Others
  1. Nerd Burger says:

    That little girl is so adorable. I’m so glad other people liked your costume because it is mega rad. You’ve put so much work into it.

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