Snow globe tutorial

waterless snow globe tutorial

Better late than never?

I had a whole series of posts planned out to share with you guys for the Christmas countdown but life. You know how it is.

Onto the tutorial!

snow globe mosaic

One of the huge trends this winter is to place items under glass, perhaps we like this so much because it reminds us of the snow globes from our childhoods.

I found this adorable tutorial on Ashlee’s blog My So Called Crafty Life  via pinterest and had to try it.

I spent $16 total on this project since I had so much of the supplies already. Be sure to check your local dollar store; I found the plastic wine glasses there (6 for $1) and you may also find tiny items to put inside. I bought my deer figures at Michael’s for 40% off and they were my most expensive item ($5.49 on sale I believe).

You will need:

Plastic wine glasses


Chipboard or old cereal boxes

Scrapbook paper for your base

Hot glue and gun

Scissors or a large round punch that is slightly larger than the mouth of your glass

Large beads

Yarn or twine

Pipe cleaners

Glue stick

How to:

I started by glittering my deer figures because I thoroughly believe the more sparkle, the better. I painted each figure with two coats of white acrylic to be sure the glitter wouldn’t be dulled by the brown. Let dry for approximately 30 minutes.

While waiting, you can cut out your base for your ornament. Trace around the mouth of your glass onto your chipboard and cut with at least a 1/8” allowance. This ensures that your glass with be firmly secured to your base- you don’t want to spill the glitter. (You know what they say about glitter, it’s the herpes of craft supplies. Once you’ve got it, you have it for life.)

Cut and glue your scrapbook paper to each side of your circle. I used a pearlescent white on both sides to blend with the glitter but you could use old Christmas cards or Christmas themed scrapbook paper too.

Once my figure’s paint was dry, I used Traci Bautista’s Collage Pauge in matte to cover the figure. Regular collage pauge works fine, or even plain white glue should work.  Sprinkle your figure with glitter and set aside for about 3 hours to be sure everything is set. Then I went back and touched up and sparse patches with more collage pauge and glitter.

If you like, you can spray your figure with fixative to prevent the glitter from shedding.

My glasses came in two parts- the cup/stem and the separate base piece, but my stem was too long so I used an exacto knife (be careful!) to saw off a portion of the stem. This step was tricky but it worked, a dremel  drill would’ve been amazing.

If using the exacto method, I would suggest scoring around the stem to act as a guide. After 5 minutes of sawing,I found that I could stick my blade through at certain areas; I gingerly sawed in this fashion until it broke off. I used some sandpaper to even out the pointy bits.

Glue your figure to your base.

Thread your large bead with the twine or yarn to create the loop to hang your ornament from if you wish to hang it on the tree. I used a bead cap with a small loop to cap off my bead. I like to have options.

Hot glue the bead onto the top of your glass’s stem. Wrap your pipe cleaner around the stem of your glass for extra sparkle.

The easiest way to add your glitter is to take your now capped dome, turn it upside down, and stuff as much glitter as you need into it. Run hot glue around the edge of you dome and bring the base to the dome- just be careful how you position it. If it’s not centered you should be able to pop it off, peel off the hardened hot glue, and try again. (I had to. Twice.)

I also hot glued a pipe cleaner around the edge of my base to make it look more polished.

Repeat as necessary. Yay glitter!

Deer close up

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