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June-July One second a day video

I finally finished the second video! I wish I had remembered to shoot my one second a day more often. It’s interesting to compare this to the first video; Ryan is the main subject this month because I am at

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Days 12, 13, and 14

Day 12: After many nights of staying up until 5am I finally managed to fall asleep at 10pm. It was wonderful.   Day 13: Ryan, Matt, Pam, and I stayed up until 3am playing Pandemic and Cards Against Humanity, plus

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Days 9, 10, and 11

It’s been a busy couple of days but I am still plugging along. I’ve noticed I keep choosing pinks for some reason. Day 9: Who doesn’t love cute underwear? Day 10 wasn’t a good day for us but we are

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Day 8

So much for an elaborate piece today but I thought this little guy was cute. Instead I baked dozens more cookies  and played board games with Ryan ❤

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Days 6 and 7

Yesterday I had barely begun the stitching for day 6 when it was time to leave for couple’s game night so I finished it up today. I have been trying to embroider things to represent the days; this piece was

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We received from bad news earlier this week, which kept me from posting but I have kept up with the challenge. Day 2 and 3: Once Ryan learned what I was doing for this month’s challenge he requested the G

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After struggling through the one piece of public art a day challenge I have decided to end it early. I kept telling myself that I needed to stick it out, to push myself to complete the challenge but in the

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