Day #6

My biggest challenge with this project is motivating myself to actually go and put my canvases out. I don’t have a problem making the pieces but actually taking the time to drive somewhere and place them is daunting to me. I don’t want to repeat a location and I am trying to think up creative locations. I also do not want to cluster them all in one area, partially because I want to expose the project to as many people as possible, but also because a small part of my OCD doesn’t want a bunch of pins on the Google map overlapping each other, but maybe that’s crazy. (Ok, it is.) Today’s canvas was placed on a shelf in the biography section of the Jarrettsville Library.

In related news, this morning I noted the canvas in the apartment building’s front window is gone. Did someone take it home or was it destined for the trash? There’s no way to know.

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