Day #4

Today’s canvas was left in the third grocery aisle of the Cockeysville Target among the dried fruits. A few people who have heard about this month’s challenge have been concerned with the fate of each piece. My best friend Pam worried that my idea of placing a canvas in a grocery store freezer would ruin it; my boyfriend, Ryan, warned me that yesterday’s canvas (left on the stairs of an apartment building), “is just going to get thrown away.” Maybe so. Perhaps the location of a piece is precarious or it is destined for the waste bin but that isn’t the point.

This month’s challenge is primarily about documenting my experience, acting as a sort of diary. It is about interacting with my environment, leaving something for others to experience. These silly little pieces are like us, their futures are uncertain. I like to think that a few of these pieces will find their way into a person’s home or at least make someone smile to himself, but many will be damaged for thrown out before anyone is able to see them and that’s ok too.

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