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Day #18

Sorry for today’s awful picture. This piece was made using the plastic liner from the candy box base of day #11’s piece. I think the glitter may have affected my camera’s ability to focus in on it. I left this

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Day #17

Day 17’s piece was left taped to a ladies bathroom stall door in the AMC Loews movie theater in White Marsh. I like the idea of leaving positive messages for people to find. I think one of the reasons I

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Day #16

Day 16’s “piece” was actually a collection of dinosaurs that were rescued from the trash at my work. These guys were ugly shades of boring yellow and green so I gessoed them and then gave them a few coats of

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Day #15

Day 15’s piece was left at the Giant grocery store on Rock Spring road, in a grocery cart. This canvas was covered in paint peelings from my palette, which acts as a sort of diary, a record of the colors that

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Day #14

Today’s piece was left in the nook of a tree in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints off of Dulaney Valley road.

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Day #13

Day 13’s piece was left outside of Toki Sushi on the vacant store’s window ledge next door.

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Days #12

Day twelve’s piece was tied to a tree in Friendship Park facing East Jarrettsville road. This was the first piece that did not have information about the project attached to it. While I was trying to adjust the ribbon around

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I really did put out today’s piece but I left my camera cord at the apartment and I’m at the house for a couple days. I will catch up on Friday!

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Day #11

Today’s piece was left outside of the Chik-fil-a on York road in Cockeysville, next to one of the tiny bushes along the sidewalk. I took a small heart shaped box, which once held chocolates, and used modeling paste and acrylic

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Day #10

This was left on the front window ledge of the Joann’s on York rd.

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