One second a day for 30 days

I am so happy with my first month long project. I plan to continue filming one second a day because it is so simple to capture a full experience.
My project was not perfect by any means; I missed 2 days, one clip taken with an iphone wouldn’t upload to the program I was using to edit the clips, I haven’t yet learned how to level out the volume, etc. But I am not aiming for perfection, these projects are experiments and a journal of sorts.

Some suggestions I would make for others interested in filming one second a day videos:

  1. People clam up and stop talking when the camera comes out. Carry your camera everywhere, once your friends and family get used to the idea you’ll be doing this every day they tend to loosen up. Keep shooting until they forget the camera is there or shoot inconspicuously. (Just be sure to ask if it’s ok to use them in the clip later if you’re going to share your video.)
  2. Carry your charger everywhere too. The last clip was meant to be all the kids at my daycare center yelling “herp derp” together but my battery died and my charger was at home.
  3. Tripods are nice if you have one, depending on your camera model you can even get tripods for as cheap as $10 or $20. However, I found that most of the moments I wanted to record happened quickly and wouldn’t allow time for set up.
  4. Some days are going to be boring. There are a few clips in my video that are simply of the book page I’m reading or the journal entry I just wrote. These videos aren’t supposed to be bragging points for how exciting your life is. Document what you live.

I got a bit ahead of myself yesterday, I forgot I had one more day to film. Tomorrow is the first day of my public art challenge and the first post of the google map.

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